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We work with a happy team consisting of people who are willing to improve both themselves and the younger generations by transferring the information of the combination of the health sector and artificial intelligence. We attach great importance to equality of opportunity in the recruitment processes which we carry without any discrimination of gender, religion, language, race, ethnicity, age, disability, or refugees.

We hire people who will carry Koç Yaşa into the future, based on the Koç Yaşa competencies. We train new additions to the team to increase their contribution to business processes as soon as possible. While we care about making our employees feel valued, we support their both personal and professional development.



As Koç Group, we believe that social and economic development is only possible with happy employees and happy workplaces. At Koç Yaşa, as in other group companies, employee experience is significant; we act in line with the values of equality, solidarity, modernity, and lifelong development.



In this path we have embarked on, intending to be one of the first names people think of when it comes to health technologies and medical devices, both in our country and in the global market, we attach great importance to our employees' satisfaction. With our egalitarian structure, we support the development and career path of all our employees, from the lowest to the highest level.

Our primary goals are to add multi-talented people to our community, to foster creativity among our colleagues and to support them throughout their business life. We focus on providing the most suitable environment for our employees to be successful in the changing business conditions every day. As we carry our Group into the future, we aim for the continuous development of both our employees and our company.

Lead Academy, which we have specially designed for Koç Group along with the world's best educational institutions such as Harvard Business School, McKinsey, MIT, Koç University, and Oxford, help us to enhance the potential of our colleagues and prepare them for the future.

With our online development program, Koç Academy, we offer access to more than 12.000 training videos on many different topics, from technology to personal development, from family to hobbies, for our employees of all levels and their families.


We support the career goals of the young generations, whom we see as the pioneers of digital transformation, and we trust the value they will contribute to business life. We aim to create dynamic work environments for our colleagues. We call our system "flexible working models of the future" in which we aim to become more efficient day by day thanks to the conveniences brought by technology. Regardless of your expertise, gender, or age, we put how you feel at the top of our priorities.

Derya Ayyıldız

People and Culture Director




We support the career goals of young generations, whom we see as the pioneers of digital transformation, and create dynamic work environments for our colleagues. We improve our system, which we call “flexible working models of the future”, to make it more efficient day by day with the advantage of the facilities brought by technology.


Well for

the future

With the Well for the Future Internship Program, we aim to widen our young and dynamic perspective by welcoming talented university students and new graduates who will contribute to the future of Koç Yaşa. With our program, we place our interns in line with the positions opened in our company.