Koç Yaşa

The importance of the elimination of deficiencies in the field of health technologies has been understood better in recent years.

As Koç Group, some of our most important goals are to make lives healthier and to develop products and services that will ease patients’ lives with the help of future technologies. Koç Yaşa set out with the idea of producing solutions for health needs with a blend of technology so that we can be life partners for each individual.

We support your enterprises
at every step and grow them

together with the guidance of Koç Yaşa

As Koç Yaşa, we support your ventures in the fields of health technologies and medical devices with the intention of moving them forward together. We aspire to support you at every stage and make breakthrough innovations hand in hand.


We develop breakthrough products for both acute and chronic diseases, aiming to increase the quality of life and well-being of people with leading health technologies.