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As Koç Group, we set out with the idea to merge technological developments with pioneering health services. So far, we produce groundbreaking products and services in the medical sector and aim to offer maximum quality at accessible prices for every product and service we offer. Here are some of the principles we prioritize while building our corporate culture in line with our aim to make a difference:


Life long partnership

We aim to establish long-term partnerships while combining Koç Yaşa's vision and mission.

Production - R&D

With our experienced R&D team and modern facilities in world standards, we prioritize quality while producing the right solutions for the medical sector.


Access to health technologies

Our primary goal is to enhance life quality with the solutions we provide for health problems. By reducing costs, we aim to improve the health care quality and ease the health assistance processes. By designing medical devices following modern and sustainable medical technology trends, we aim to make healthcare professionals' jobs easier while making the experience of patients smoother. In this direction, we prefer to make our high-quality devices accessible to large messes at affordable prices.

Data Analytic & AI

We aim to provide the comfort of rapid analysis by collecting biostatistical data needed in health services.


Digital Health

We produce pioneering ideas for the production, reproduction, and development of digital health services to improve the quality of life by easing the healthcare experiences of both healthcare professionals and patients.