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September 06, 2022Reading Time 2 Minutes

What if markings on your skin could unlock your phone or help you to access entrance doors? Or what would you think about electronic tattoos that continuously measure your blood pressure and hydration levels and give alerts when your values are outside the normal range?

Could it be possible that the technological advances that follow wearable technologies lead us to digital tattoos, the devices that can be digested in our stomachs, or nanobots to circulate in our blood vessels? In today's world, where medical devices are being worked on to make them smaller, more accessible and integrated; digital tattoos don't seem that far off.

These tattoos are produced with flexible and waterproof materials, consisting small electrodes and can stay on the skin for weeks. Users can collect data from their smartphones without any other medical device needed. It makes them useful for the diagnosis & treatment of critical health problems such as heart arrhythmias, sleep disorders, and disturbances in brain activity.

This invention can save lives, especially in patients at risk of stroke, thanks to their ability to monitor vital signs for 24 hours without charging. These fascinating technological advances show that, in the next step, it is possible to create devices that can be integrated into the human body or circulate in the blood unnoticed.

Can you imagine a digital dolphin tattoo measuring your heart rate on your wrist? According to Medical Futurist, you better get used to this idea, because that will be our reality in the not-too-distant future.

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