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Allergen Detector and Air Quality Measuring Device

Allergensve Corensis-Airmaster

Allergens and Corensis Allergen

Corensis Allergen device provides users personalized allergen information (pollen and mold types) and other air quality parameter levels by correlating them with the symptom log data collected.

World Allergy Organization (WAO) states that 20% of the world population suffers from Allergic Asthma and Allergic Rhinitis. It is predicted that this rate will reach 40% by 2040. A WAO research state that the number of asthma patients is around 300 million in the world.

Approximately 15% of the population of Turkey has at least one allergic disease. Also, the most common allergens in Turkey are pollens and molds, followed by house mites. According to another AID study, the ratio of allergy sufferers to the population in Turkey is around 25%.

What is Corensis Allergen and how does it work?

Corensis Allergen device regularly absorbs the air in the environment and sticks the particles to its adhesive-coated cartridge. The particles in the cartridge are displayed and processed thanks to the allergen detection system. Then they are separated and classified in the cloud environment, and the user is notified via the mobile application about the allergen types caught in the environment. Corensis Allergen device can measure other significant parameters in the air besides its allergen detection feature.

Analysis of the symptom information collected regularly from the user, combined with the allergen and air quality data, allows the users to detect the allergens or the air parameters they are sensitive. Thus, as the quality of life improves, drug usage can be reduced by enabling them to take measures to prevent symptoms.

The device measures the air quality as well as the allergens. Temperature, relative humidity, PM (between 1um and 10um), CO2, VOC, and NOx can be assesed. It aims to increase the users' life quality both by examining allergic sensitivies and providing important information for the smart home systems.

The processed information offers benefits such as operating air cleaners, air humidifiers, and air conditioner devices. Also, allergy and hygiene programs for washing machines and dryers may be recommended by Corensis Allergen.

Similarly, the device can be used in buildings and facilities to make public environments healthier by controlling air quality. Since the device is portable and has enough battery to operate for one day, it can be used outdoors as well as indoors. It is able to provide data about air quality where it is used with the permission of the users, so it can provide social benefits.